Mazlum Tosun

Tech lead GCP and data / FP and GCP enthusiast / Craftsman

I am passionate about development, data, Google cloud and functional programming enthusiast. I have been a freelance developer since 2011. I co-founded a freelancer groupement and community in France, called Groupbees.

I have been using Apache Beam for 3 years. I participated in a big code migration from Spark/Dataproc to Apache beam/Dataflow in GCP, at my previous customer. I proposed the code architecture (hexagonal and DDD) with Beam Java (some Google people were present : like Razvan Kulzan, Jeremy Gomez and Jean Francois Macresy).

Now I am technical lead GCP and data for L’OrĂ©al. I am continuing to use Beam with Python and Kotlin for this customer.

Sessions by Mazlum Tosun