What is the Beam Summit 2022?

The Beam Summit is an opportunity to bring together members of the Apache Beam community to discuss the vision and mission of the project, as well as to open a collaboration space to share Beam use cases.

We are planning to host Beam Summit as a hybrid event, COVID-19 pending. This event will consist of a multi-day program distributed in 3 days, dedicated to technical talks and workshops.

The event aims to bring together members of the Apache Beam community to discuss and build the future of the project, to inspire people to use the technology and onboard people to the project, and also to educate both beginning users and more advanced users on the Apache Beam technology.

About the venue

The onsite component of Beam Summit will be held at Austin, TX, at the AT&T Hotel and Conference center.

The event organization will follow all the required recommendations for COVID-19.

Estimated numbers for 2022

  • +300 Onsite
  • +5,000 Online
  • +30 Talks and worshops
  • 3 Days

Results from 2021


  • 1,795 registered
  • 850 attended at least one live talk
  • 415 watched at least one replayed talk
  • 567 clicked CTA

What participants say

  • “Very good workshop and complete with loads of supporting material, which is very helpful”

  • “Excellent and interactive! ;)”

  • “I really appreciate the speaker was willing to talk about the details of expense and the errors”

  • “Great talk about an actual use case and some gotchas”

  • “Great time this week! Being appreciated :)”

  • “Well organized workshops”