Where to stay?

We have a limited amount of rooms with a discount for the Beam Summit attendees. If you’re interested in booking your room, do it here

About the Venue

The onsite component of Beam Summit will be held at Austin, TX, at the AT&T Hotel and Conference center.

The event organization will follow all the required recommendations for COVID-19.

The venue is located only 17 minutes away from the Austin International Airport by car, and 40 minutes away by bus.

About Austin

In Texas, more than 17,600 technology firms employ over 203,700 workers, with companies like Apple and Wipro continuing to grow every day. The long-established Texas tech sector has invented everything from the semiconductor and hand-held calculator to a billion-dollar dating app. Here, entrepreneurs scale their ideas into Fortune 500 companies, like Michael Dell who founded Dell Technologies from his The University of Texas at Austin dorm. Ranked #2 by CompTIA for number of tech employees, Texas is brimming with skilled talent ready to solve their next challenge. Tech workers are migrating to Texas at a record rate as well. According to 2021 LinkedIn data, Texas is the top state in the nation for tech worker migration.


The University of Texas at Austin’s computer science program is the largest among top-10 ranked programs nationwide, and statewide computer systems design employment is up 60% over the last 10 years.


Texas ranks #2 in the nation for computer and video game employment, with more than 13,600 people employed directly or indirectly by the industry.


The world’s biggest and most innovative information technology and computer tech companies have chosen Texas for major operations.

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What to do in Austin?

If you feel like taking some time to know the city, there’s a lot of things to do!


Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World® but that's just the beginning. Home to unique attractions and world-class museums, Texas' capital city has a soundtrack all its own. Spend a day exploring sculpture gardens and historic homes or zipline through the Hill Country.

Food and Drink:

Much like the live music scene, Austin takes eating and drinking very seriously. While visiting, you should too. Austin’s culinary and cocktail scene has exploded over the past couple of years, allowing visitors to delight in a diversity of cuisines and experiences.

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