On July 20, we will have hands-on workshops where you can get in-depth training on tools and features related to Apache Beam.

Workshops are only available to onsite attendees with a 3-day pass. When getting your ticket in Eventbrite, select the workshop that you are interested in.

Beam Cross Language Transforms in Python, with Google Cloud Dataflow

Date: Jul-20 12:30-15:00 CDT
Instructor(s): Wei Hsia & Sergei Lilichenko

Implement a streaming pipeline in Python applying the new cross language support in Beam and Dataflow. Cross language support allows access to other Beam transforms without having to introduce a new language into your environment.

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Splittable DoFns in Python: a hands-on workshop

Date: Jul-20 12:30-15:00 CDT
Instructor(s): Israel Herraiz & Miren Esnaola

We will review the concept of Splittable DoFns and we will write two I/O connectors using this kind of DoFns: one in batch (for reading large files in a given format), and one for streaming (for reading from Kafka topics).

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Apache Beam on Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics (KDA)

Date: Jul-20 09:00-12:00 CDT
Instructor(s): Amar Surjit & Subham Rakshit

Explore an end to end example that combines batch and streaming aspects in one uniform Apache Beam pipeline on Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics (KDA).

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